How SME’s Can Improve Website Traffic With These 3 Simple Google Search Console Hacks


Google Search Console is a very powerful tool that gives you an overview of how your website is performing in Google’s organic search results.Here are few simple strategies on how SME’s can use it to improve their website’s organic traffic and website marketing in general.

How to Use the Search Analytics Report in GSC:

1) Log Into Google’s Search Console
2) On the Left Navigation Click “Search Traffic” Option
3) This Search Analytics report helps you to see data with respect to Queries, Pages, Countries, Devices and Search Type (Web, Image or Video), Dates ( Search Console only shows the last 90 days of search query data)
4) There’s an option to view results with  Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Position at the top of the report.
Google Search Console Hacks

3 Simple Google Search Console Hacks To Improve Your SEO Traffic:

Now that you’ve understood how to access the Search Analytics report in Google Search Console, let put it to use.

1) Improve Your Website Click Through Rate (CTR)

Google Search Console Hacks - Search Analytics Report
Find out queries that have a high CTR and identify ones that have a low CTR. To get this data, click on the Impressions and CTR check box, along with Queries option. Set the date range to 1 month or previous month.
Filter down queries with HIGH IMPRESSIONS and LOW CTR. Here you notice that there is more impression for the queries but the click are quite less. You need to work on improving the clicks.

To improve the CTR:

  • Change The Title And Meta Description On The Webpage
  • Make the webpage more user friendly
  • Reduce the webpage load time.
  • Check the CTR again after a month to track the progress. You can even download the report in excel file.

2) Improve specific website pages that have low CTR

Google Search Console Hacks - Search Queries
At the top of the Search Analytics report, click the radio button for Pages. This brings up a report that shows data by landing page. Click on one of the pages listed in the rows data. This opens a new view with nothing on it. Then click Queries. You now have filtered query data for this specific page.

In addition, If you’re a SME owner managing your own AdWords campaign, you can use this data to help improve campaign CTR.

For SME’s into manufacturing, low-search-volume keyword data is a lifesaver because it’s highly relevant and based on your website and its content.

3) Analyze Google’s search query data once per quarter.

Unlike Google Analytics, which archives data for years, Search Console only shows the last 90 days, additional to this Google doesn’t give you 100 percent of the your website’s query data, the Search Query report is still useful information.

Using this information, SME’s can improve their website traffic and ultimately generate ore conversions.
For example, SME’s with small websites could use search query information to determine which types of content pages to create that might be missing from your website. For our SME’s, this content includes FAQs, case studies, resources, blog posts and so on depending upon the industry they are serving in.

If you are a SME and looking for more traction, these 3 simple Google Search Console hacks could improve organic traffic to your website.

Krupesh Haria

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