Tips to Write Effective Google Ad Copy

6 Tips to Write Effective Google Ad Copy


Ad Copy plays a key role in the success of your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign, you must have figured this out if you’re doing Pay-Per-Click Advertising for past some time. Even after having a potential keyword & specific targeting your PPC Campaign may fail – just because of not so compelling Ad Copy. Today, I am going to elaborate on How to Write Effective Ad Copy.

So, here are the 6 tips that you should consider while writing Google Ad Copy:


 1. Be Specific:

Don’t write a generic Ad Copy for all your Keywords & Ad Group. According to me, one should write Ad Group & Keywords focused Ad Copy because that can give you the good result as well as will improve your Quality Score which in turn helps in a good performance of the campaign. One should write a variety of Ad Copies depending upon the Keywords & Ad Group. For instance,

How to Write Effective Ad Copy


Also, you should have exact same words in your Ad Copy which a person has on his/her search query. For example,

Specific Ad Copy


2. Highlight your Unique Selling Point (USP):

How different are you from your competitor? What makes your product or service unique? What benefit would customer get after buying what you sell? If you can answer these questions then hopefully you will get your USP. Your Ad Copy must highlight your USP. Example of USP is;
Domino’s Pizza: “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less – or it’s free.”
You can use your USP in description line of your Ad Copy like this,

Use of USP in Description Line of Ad Copy


Or else you can use it in Callout Extension as well like this,

Use of USP in Callout Extension of Ad Copy

3. Don’t forget your Keywords:

Advertisers always try to make their Ad Copy very creative but, it is sad that very few of them actually uses keywords in their Ad Copy. Your Ad Copy becomes irrelevant for the searcher if he/she doesn’t find the keyword in the Ad Copy. You naturally would go with the results which have exact same words of your search query on them. For instance,

Keywords in Ad Copy


You can also refer to this example of one of my client,
Keywords in Ad

4. Include a Call-to-Action:

Many Advertisers also forget to include a call to action in their Ad Copy which result in low CTR (Click Through Rate) and less effective campaign performance. It is important that Advertiser make the searcher aware what is in it for him/her if they click on the Ad. Below are some live examples of call-to-action what I am using for our client.
Call to Action in Ad Copy


Call to Action in Ad


5. Stand out from your Competitors:

Nowadays, many advertisers believe that copying the Ad Copy of the top performing Advertisers can make their PPC campaign perform well. Well, I feel this is not correct. It is good to take reference from the top performing Ads of the Advertisers but completely copying it word to word is not at all right. Many search queries today often show duplicate Ads with the same title and some minor changes in their Ad Body. I would strongly recommend the Advertisers to be different from their competitors while writing Ad Copy. For example, you can see the difference in the below image between 2 top Ads depending upon the search term where you can clearly see that the first Ad is completely relevant compared to search query and it is also different from its competitor.

Different Ad compared to Competitors Ad


6. Display URL is part of your Ad Copy:

You should use your Display URL wisely as it is an integral part of your Ad Copy. Display URL plays a vital role in your Ad effectiveness and Click Through Rate (CTR). You can absolutely put anything in your Display URL provided that the domain matches with the domain of the Final URL. The best way that I feel is to put your Final URL domain in your Display URL and then use your keyword in Path 1 and Path 2. For instance,

Keyword in Display URL


Hopefully, you will find some of these tips useful when writing your next Google Ad Copy. I’ll try to cover more of PPC soon. Till then, let me know your thoughts and comments on this.

Raj Singh

Raj Singh manages Pay Per Click Marketing (Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads) campaigns at BriefKase and drives ROI for our clients.

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  • Arav Ramakan
    Posted at 13:54h, 03 October Reply

    Hi Raj,

    Thanks for sharing this post!!

    The effective ways of making a google ad copy which is very effective in google adwords for advertising and outranking the competitors, the tips you mentioned wi;ll be very helpful for a newbie like me.

    Thanks again for sharing keep up the good work and share more post on google adwords.

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