Author: Mandar Marathe

Local Listings SEO Strategy
Complete Local SEO Strategy to Rank Your Local Business

The Pigeon update to Google’s Algorithm was launched on July 24, 2014 to provide more meaningful, relevant and accurate local search results. Ever since we have been living in the Pigeon era, a lot of businesses who have physical stores are having trouble with ranking...

Youtube SEO
Optimizing YouTube videos to rank higher on Search Engines

YouTube is the second largest search engine. With 6 billion hours of video watched each month on YouTube by 1 billion unique users it is now synonymous with video content. Another interesting fact: Mobile makes up for 40% of the total watch time. Having convinced you...

PureNutrition Magento Website
Thinking of redesigning your website? First Analyse, Test, & Ask

Google disrupted the way we get information before making purchase decisions. Apple’s iPhone disrupted the key-friendly mobile phone industry. Facebook has disrupted the way we connect with friends and family. Design was central to these disruptions, and even today design is paramount to the way...

Landing Page
Optimizing Landing Pages for Conversions

This post is a part of our series on “Website Must Haves” Today, we will discuss Landing pages and optimizing landing pages for conversions– a key conversion strategy deployed by most pay for performance marketers.   Landing pages are pages on your websites that users come to via directed...

The Green Snack Co Wordpress Website
Website Must Haves – Business Objectives, Goals, KPIs

This blog is a one of the 5 part Series of “Website Must Haves”. A website is your identity in the online space. Most businesses have a corporate website that provides information on its products and services. Individuals or skilled professionals have their own websites to...

The ugly side of entrepreneurship

#BriefKaseTurned1 on October 14th, 2015.  We've had a fairly good run – partnered with 30 clients, revenue positive from Day 1, we were able to pay salaries (without delays), we rented a small office space. One year of being your own boss has been good. Entrepreneurship...

Can startup folks get a life?

I just became a father. Not once, but twice in the past 11 months. In early October 2013 we gave birth to BriefKase, our entrepreneurial venture. Later in March 2014, my wife & I became parents, blessed with a baby boy. It feels like I...

Evaluate your Agency’s SEO Performance or Credentials

In the previous blog I had discussed the fact that SEO and PPC are not evaluated the right way by most of the clients. Basis the feedback I got (positive and negative feedback on the previous post), there was one common feedback: How must SEO...

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