page speed
How does Page Speed impact SEO ?

Since 2010 according to Google, Page Speed is one of the factors used in its ranking algorithm. On an average, the page speed time for an e-commerce website should be around 7 seconds while it should be 3 seconds or less for other websites. Let's...

Local Listings SEO Strategy
Complete Local SEO Strategy to Rank Your Local Business

The Pigeon update to Google’s Algorithm was launched on July 24, 2014 to provide more meaningful, relevant and accurate local search results. Ever since we have been living in the Pigeon era, a lot of businesses who have physical stores are having trouble with ranking...

Youtube SEO
Optimizing YouTube videos to rank higher on Search Engines

YouTube is the second largest search engine. With 6 billion hours of video watched each month on YouTube by 1 billion unique users it is now synonymous with video content. Another interesting fact: Mobile makes up for 40% of the total watch time. Having convinced you...

What is Link Building

Link Building has often been used as a tack for shady marketers bound by targets. While short term targets were met, the negative impact it had on the website’s ability to move forward in the long run was seriously hampered. What is Link Building Link building refers...

Evaluate your Agency’s SEO Performance or Credentials

In the previous blog I had discussed the fact that SEO and PPC are not evaluated the right way by most of the clients. Basis the feedback I got (positive and negative feedback on the previous post), there was one common feedback: How must SEO...

SEO vs PPC Spends: Comparing Apples to Oranges

All good SEO pitches include 2 components: 1. Spot faults with the website 2. Explain process to improve the website performance That is the way we do it at Briefkase. At times, our pitches end with this conversation: Prospective Client: Whoa hold on. I need targets. Where are you...

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