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Infographic: Instagram Best Practices

Instagram, as we all know, is a free platform that lets users capture and share photos and videos. However, when you are a business or a blogger, trying to market yourself or your products on Instagram, there is a lot more to do. In order...

Infographic: Twitter Best Practices

For many advertisers on twitter, driving engagement with branded content is a key success metric. But what makes a tweet engaging? In order to find out what features impact a Promoted Tweet's performance. Twitter analysed more than 80,000 Tweet's across 35,000 paid campaigns and 18...

Instagram for Business Checklist

Instagram has over 800 million active users. Instagrammers like telling stories and sharing everyday. Every Social Media platform is different and businesses should learn to adapt according to how they work. Instagrammers like looking at stories, interesting photos/videos and sharing this content with friends. Instagram...

Pinterest for Business Checklist

Pinterest is not Social Media Network primarily, it is a more of a tool where people plan their future, immediate or otherwise. People treat Pinterest as a search engine tool. Internet users are discovering, saving, and taking action on what they are saving. There are...

World Cup Social Media Campaigns

The Football / Soccer World cup in Brazil will definitely had people of all classes, masses, countries, races or religion interested. Such a global event also draws a lot of marketing dollars from brands. With Facebook and Twitter seeing explosive growth across the globe, marketers...

Social Media Case Study #FoodsThatLoveYou on Twitter

What's Missisippy? 'Foods that love you' sums up Missisippy’s mission. For the last two years Missisippy has been busy in the kitchen coming up with recipes that are full of flavor and fiber. Fiber is the body of food - carrying nutrition into the body &...

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