20 Oct Link Building – A Perspective

Link Building has often been used as a tack for shady marketers bound by targets. While short term targets were met, the negative impact it had on the website’s ability to move forward in the long run was seriously hampered. Let us quickly review the popular...

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10 Sep 7 random insights on digital media

  If you’re working in the digital marketing industry, social media is nothing more than a business.   If you don’t interact with the pages you like on facebook, they automatically stop featuring on your newsfeed.   Digital media being a clutter breaking medium to advertise on? Think again.   Today’s mantra...

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21 Aug Own your marketing

None of our customers wake up in the morning and say "Today, I want to see an advertisement". So then why are we creating pointless banner advertisements, search engine ads or promoting via paid Facebook Ads? Why are brands spending money on marketing their products / services, essentially...

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