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Bowl of Herbs are a team of three mothers who believe that the everyday food we consume is all the medicine the body needs and that when we eat right, healthy living is easy to achieve! They blog on


Increase organic traffic to website


We started with an initial audit of the website to identify key areas of improvement. Our preliminary analysis revealed that we would require heavy restructuring of blog post content along with user experience improvements

One of our key recommendations for SEO was to build internal links and create content clusters. This resulted in doubling organic traffic to in 3 months.  Moreover, we shifted the website to a new WordPress theme to improve the user experience / navigation and make it mobile responsive. This has further provided an additional boost to organic traffic from mobile devices across target geographies.

Along with laser focused SEO strategies, we also deep dived into the Google Analytics account to understand where users were dropping off. This measurement driven approach to SEO has increased organic traffic by 2X in 3 months.



> has seen a 230% growth in Organic traffic in 3 months

> Referral traffic has increased by 45%

Briefkase team, with their excellent technical know how and expertise on consumer traffic enhancement for website, have been providing a huge impetus to the organic traffic through our website. Krupesh & team is transparent and trustworthy in their approach and have laser sharp focus on helping us achieve our business objectives.


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