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In today’s digital generation, we all are seeing that how a website and its optimization is important. Now, website is not just a web identity. It goes far beyond that and becomes a business platform. Automatically, the demand of  website optimization services have increased and SEO has gained importance. Off-page SEO includes a number of different aspects like local listing, social bookmarking, YouTube SEO and many others. Now, we will understand Social Bookmarking and its relevance to Off-Page SEO.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a centralized online service which allows users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents.
The web pages we bookmark on social bookmarking sites are considered as a quality back links in the eyes of search engines. And we all know that the quality back links help us to increase blog traffic and Google Page Rank. That’s why SEO professionals include Social bookmarking in their search engine optimization practices.

Is social bookmarking important? Does it impact SEO?

Social bookmarking might be useful because it is one of the way through which you can bookmark or add your website’s important pages like product pages, services pages, course pages, blogs etc. to most viewed directories or websites and increase your website’s traffic.

Many people have different opinions, but we feel that this is one of the tactics that is obsolete to a good extent. There are few good social bookmarking websites like Tumblr, Reddit, Stumbleupon or Digg which might  probably give you some extra traffic. But is the traffic actually worth?  You need to check Google Analytics and find out whether the bounce rate of traffic from these social bookmarking sites is high (> 70%). If such is the case, then we need not utilise Social bookmarking.

Reddit give you good traffic if your content is detailed and resonates with the community. If not, there is no point of you submitting your blog on reddit.

How to do social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a very easy task and it can be done in 4-5 steps if you are doing it for first time. Otherwise it gets done in 2-3 easy steps.

But, one important aspect to be remembered  before publishing your social bookmarks is to first understand the page and then create one small article in your own words without copying the content from the source.

Let’s look at the process :

Step 1 : Choose the product/ service / article whose social bookmark you want to create. After, choosing the product understand the product or service by thorough go throw.

Step 2 : Choose website having good reviews/ points and create account on it. After this start your social bookmark submission activity by following further steps.

Step 3 : Define the product/ service / article title to attract readers. Title should be simple, but needs to be trendy. For example, if article is to be written about educational program then its title should define about course and its deliver as shown in the below image :
Title - SJMSOM - Social Bookmarking
Another two examples for your better understanding :
Example 2 : If bookmark is to be write for the service page of brand management agency, then Title of it is likely to be as follows.
Title - Futurebrands - Social Bookmarking
Example 3 : If bookmark is to be write for the product page – Dal Storage Tank of kitchen equipment manufacturer, then Title of it is likely to be as follows.
Title - Krishna Allied - Social Bookmarking
Step 4 : Now, write the article in summarized form in your own sense. Article should be descriptive in the introductory manner and not full of promotional. Also, one thing to be take care of is maintain the proper flow of thought with correct framing of sentences and avoid grammatical errors like punctuation’s, quotes, full stop.
To avoid such mistakes and to write trending social bookmark refer following articles :
Example 1 : If bookmark is to be write for the educational program page of perticular educational institute, then it likely to be as follows.
Article - SJMSOM - Social Bookmarking
Also, see below examples of another two categories to understand this concept properly.
Example 2 : If bookmark is to be write for the service page of brand making agency, then it likely to be as follows.
Article - Futurebrands - Social Bookmarking
Example 3 : If bookmark is to be write for the product page of kitchen equipment manufacturer, then it likely to be as follows.
Article - Krishna Allied - Social Bookmarking
Step 5: So, finally you done two most important tasks, title & bookmark story creation. Now, last but not the least task/ step is remaining and that is keyword assigning or creation.
Keyword assigning/ creation is selecting or writing appropriate words that will define your bookmark correct from the list provide by respective website or to write your own words if list is not provided.
Now, you may think of what exactly keywords means? And why they are important? So, Don’t get stressed! Keywords means the words which user type in search box to find related information and to reach most of the user your webpage needs to be rank higher. Similarly, to rank your bookmark higher you have to labelled your bookmark with specific words that are highly searched by large number of readers.

Step 6 : Submit your story or published directly. As, Some websites directly allows you to publish your bookmark while some other websites allow you to submit the story for review and if they like the story then only your story will publish otherwise it will be deleted automatically.
If your article not published by perticular website, then at the time of reporting you will be in trouble. So, better not to forget to take screenshot before publish your bookmark as well as after publishing.

Top 20 social bookmarking sites :

Website Name

Website Url

Social Bookmarking Easy!

At Briefkase, we occasionally include Social Bookmarking as a SEO tactic as we are seen its dwindling impact on SEO. We use it as a niche tactic for promoting content that has a chance to go viral or might resonate with a larger community.

Prathamesh Pingale

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  • Annanya
    Posted at 07:04h, 01 May Reply

    Thanks for sharing the top social bookmarking site and your content is very helpful for SEO Learners and beginner.

    • Prathamesh Pingale
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      Thanks Annanya! We will contribute more for SEO learners and beginners.

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