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The Football / Soccer World cup in Brazil will definitely had people of all classes, masses, countries, races or religion interested. Such a global event also draws a lot of marketing dollars from brands. With Facebook and Twitter seeing explosive growth across the globe, marketers are betting big on digital marketing initiatives. This year, the FIFA World Cup anchors such as Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Budweiser and others aced with their creativity for their respective World Cup Campaigns. Here is a roundup of some digital marketing / social media initiatives that brands launched over this year and the previous one:

Russia World Cup 2018

Adidas – Create The Answer

Using the world’s biggest moment in sport as a backdrop, the FIFA World Cup 2018, Adidas has re-engineered the traditional campaign model through personal storytelling, bring a fleet of superstars from to our screens with the likes of Messi, A$AP FERG, David Beckham, Pogba, Stormzy, Zizou, Wozniaki, Kloss and Pharrell. Watch it here:

Nike – Going Brazilian

When you talk about Brazil, a nation that has the sport embedded in their very DNA, that is where the genesis of this Nike FIFA World Cup ad lies. Nike’s new ad – Going Brazilian is a 1.37 minutes long spot infused with generous doses of the famous Brazilian Samba, embodying and portraying every aspect that is synonymous with Football in Brazil.

With a generously big cast of Brazilian stars from the past and present, such as Thiago Silva, Coutinho, Willian and the Phenomenon, Ronaldo Nazario da Lima recreating an iconic moment from a Nike FIFA World Cup ad from 1998. The ad travels from the streets to malls to television screens, eventually leading to an inspiring speech by a young Portuguese child wearing a Brazil Jersey.

Coca-Cola’s World Cup ad

This year Coca-Cola produced two spots for the FIFA World Cup campaign, titled “Ready For” and “Stock Up”. This iconic manufacturing brand maintains their association with Football, during the FIFA World Cup 2018. It portrays a simple message, passion for football and the taste of Coca-Cola.

Ready For

Ready for involves Coca-Cola bottles, cans, etc. being briefed about their jobs as participants in the joy, sorrow and celebration of the matches and fans.

Stock Up

Stock up shows football fans making a run to the store to get their bottles and cans of Coca-Cola just before the match. The ad sarcastically teases fans with ‘You had four years’, ‘Don’t wait until the last minute’.

Budweiser – Light Up the World Cup

Anheuser-Busch brings Budwieser’s biggest ever global campaign ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2018 which kicked off in Russia. The new campaign will champion Budweiser’s dream of bringing people together while energising and inspiring the 3.2 billion football fans watching the World Cup.

World Cup 2014

Nike – Risk Everything

Nike’s Risk Everything is a super hit on social media platforms.  They seem to have gone ballistic across all digital media platforms including a micro site for selling football gear, and a video, Nike Risk Everything, that features Rooney, Neymar & Ronaldo was published as well. Watch it here:

Although Nike is not a sponsor for the World Cup, as always, it makes the right moves on the playing field. This is brilliant marketing from Nike.

Adidas – All In or Nothing

Adidas, an official sponsor of the World Cup has launched a commercial called “Messi’s dream”. At the end of the YouTube version of the film, it asks viewers to click one of two buttons – ‘all in’ or ‘nothing’. Click ‘all in’ and you were taken to a website where you can sign up to follow Adidas during the World Cup and be involved with all its social media activity, or click ‘nothing’ to opt out.


Twitter has brought back the ‘hashflags’ feature this year for the 21st FIFA World Cup, Russia 2018. It had first introduced this new feature for the World Cup in 2010. The feature let fans show their support for their favourite teams by entering the 3 letter country code following a hashtag. For e.g.: #URU for Uruguay or #ENG for England.  Twitter then auto posted the country’s flag next to the hash tag posted on your timeline. All “hashflags” were then tallied to form the #WorldCup of Twitter. Prior to launching these features, Twitter had also come up with a video for the World Cup. Watch it here:

Samsung – Galaxy 11

Samsung launched a 7 minute video that saw its team “Galaxy 11” jet off to space and play against alien’s. It used the hashtag #Galaxy11 to reveal its brand ambassadors on Twitter – the likes of Lionel Messi, Chritiano Ronaldo & Wayne Rooney. Samsung created a series of videos for the campaign, here’s the 7 minute video that strikes a goal:

What’s your favorite Social Media campaign for the World Cup?

Mandar Marathe

Mandar Marathe brings 9 years of experience in Digital Marketing. Starting off his career at Digitas (Publicis Groupe) in the United States to leading a small team at Reprise Media (IPG Group) in Mumbai to where he is today, at BriefKase, Mandar likes to dabble in SEO, Analytics & UX Design.

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