Briefkase – What’s in a name?

You may ask – What’s in a name? Our clients give us a brief and we work smart enough to make it a case. That’s why we named our agency Briefkase. We want to do stellar work that helps our clients achieve strong, structured and  sustainable growth – our client becomes a case study for others to look up to. Briefkase in its true sense is not a noun, it’s a verb.

Our Ever-evolving Culture

Whether planned or not, all companies have a culture. At Briefkase, our culture is unique and ever-evolving. Whether it’s hiring a new employee or making tough decisions, we depend on a few commandments to guide us.

1. Customer First: We always solve for the Customer. Not brand; customer!
2. Use Good Judgement: We encourage independent decision making
3. Open & Candid: We make sure that everyone’s voice can be heard
4. Always Learn: Individual growth, beyond the workplace
5. No Rules: Choose People over Processes – Be agile & nimble

The BriefKase Difference

At BriefKase, our marketing philosophy is to help clients choose the right digital marketing channels or tools to achieve strong, structured and sustainable growth as opposed to taking on clients for the money. Where’s the case study in that, right?

A large real estate company chose us because they wanted an agile, nimble team who understands the in’s & outs of digital marketing. An email marketing company that has 20k+ clients chose us over larger agencies because our approach to SEO & Paid Search was research-oriented & insightful. A Theater on Demand platform wanted the founder to make the company their own.

What makes us different?

  • What’s yours is ours – We make sure that everyone in our team works on your brand as if it were their own.
  • We are agile & learning – If you want to learn digital marketing, come to Briefkase. This is the message we want to send out to potential hires. We invest heavily in making sure that our teams are well trained and knowledgeable.
  • We believe in data – Our approach to crafting a digital strategy is data driven. We won’t get into a pitch without a deep-dive competitive research
  • We optimize for results – We always solve for the customer. That’s the highlight of our culture.
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