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GOQii Case Study

Campaign: National Nutrition Week

Duration: September 1st – 7th September 2015

Brief: Spreading awareness and importance about National Nutrition week to GOQii players, coaches, fans and followers on our Social Media channels

The idea: Communicate and decode the meaning and benefits of nutrition through social media conversations and a series of quick videos that would later translate into a live tweeting session with Master Coach Luke Coutinhio.

The execution: Our content topics and conversations were focused on these topics for National Nutrition Week.

Nutritional labeling

Go Natural over Artificial products

Mindful Eating

Eat smart when you eat out

Some things healthy (healthy foods & recipes)

Based on these topics, we created a series of quick videos explaining the benefits/hazards of nutrition on artificial foods. Content and conversations revolved around nutrition and taking inputs from people to share their recipes on healthy and nutritious food.

To ride the wave and generate even more steam, we decided to spin this off into a live chat session with Master Coach Luke on 4th September.  Open invitations were sent out two days prior and this was promoted over our social media channels by asking people to participate in the chat session on nutrition on  4th September between 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM.


The live chat session with Master Coach paid off to such an extent that the chat session had to be extended for another half an hour.  #AskLuke trended in Mumbai for a couple of hours without a single penny spent in promoting and advertising this activity.

No. of tweets & replies for #AskLuke  – 92

No. of impressions during live chat session – 12,400+

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