Gromor offers working capital loans, equipment financing loans and growth capital loans to small businesses.


Increase leads of business owners via online marketing.


We started with an initial audit of the website and identified key areas of improvement. Our analysis revealed that we had untapped opportunities in both SEO and Pay Per Click Marketing.

One of our recommendations for SEO was to create location specific pages and optimize them for local search queries. This resulted in doubling organic traffic to Gromor in 6 months.

Another recommendation was to migrate the website to https and improve the user experience / navigation to make the website mobile responsive. This has further provided an additional boost to organic traffic.

When it came to advertising via Google Ads, we launched campaigns across various locations and keyword themes. One recommendation was to create landing pages for each location and drive visitors from geo-targeted campaigns to these pages.

For Facebook Ads, we experimented with regional communication in Marathi & Hindi to target business owners and speak to them in their preferred language.

Along with laser focused SEO strategies and pay per click marketing campaigns, we also deep dived into the Google Analytics account to setup macro and micro conversions. This measurement driven approach to online marketing has paid rich dividends in monitoring cross-device and geo-specific campaigns for Gromor.



> has seen a 2X growth in leads and 40% reduction in cost per lead in a year via Google Ads & Facebook Ad Campaigns

> 3X growth in Organic traffic in a year


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