Tattva Spa

Tattva Spa offers luxury spa and salon services at hotels & resorts across 30+ cities and tourist locations in India.


Increase reservations across Spa locations via online marketing.


We started with an initial audit of the website and Google AdWords account to identify key areas of improvement. Our analysis revealed that we had untapped opportunities in both SEO and Pay Per Click Marketing.


One of our recommendations for SEO was to create location specific pages and optimize them for local search queries. This resulted in doubling organic traffic to tattvaspa.com in 3 months. Another recommendation was to migrate the website to https and improve the user experience / navigation to make the website mobile responsive. This has further provided an additional boost to traffic, leads and reservations across Tattva locations.


When it came to advertising on Google via AdWords, we restructured the account and launched campaigns across various locations. One recommendation was to create landing pages for each spa location and drive visitors from geo-targeted campaigns to these pages. We also introduced click to call ads that allowed customers to make quick reservations via phone inquiries.


Along with laser focused SEO strategies and pay per click marketing campaigns, we also deep dived into the Google Analytics account to setup macro and micro conversions. This measurement driven approach to online marketing has paid rich dividends in monitoring cross-device and geo-specific campaigns for Tattva Spa.


> TattvaSpa.com has seen a 3X growth in Organic traffic in less than a year, resulting in an increase of spa reservations by more than 400%.

> Call inquiries and leads generated via geo-focused Google AdWords campaigns has resulted in an increase of spa appointments by over 300%


Briefkase team, with their excellent technical know how and expertise on consumer traffic enhancement for Tattva brand website, have been providing a huge impetus to the customer enquiries through our website. Their prompt support in managing escalations is also commendable. Mandar & team is transparent and trustworthy in their approach and have laser sharp focus on helping us achieve our business objectives.

Shipra Sharma

Co-Founder, Director

Tattva Spa

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