5 reasons why digital marketing is the new wave for Healthcare


In the past, healthcare marketing has taken a very traditional approach such as print, direct mails, tv and radio ads, etc. All these campaigns would be launched without any real-time change possible.

Healthcare facilities had a easier way of acquiring consumers/patients as the population was lesser and did not avoid or delay healthcare based on cost.

Today’s consumers are much more different and evolved as compared to the consumers in the past. Now, a consumer/patient that is diagnosed first gets multiple opinions from other doctors and then does an extensive research about the service he wants to receive. Today’s consumers are highly evolved, smart and tech savvy. Thus, they expect the best healthcare services.

Let’s look at a few digital marketing strategies to improve patient engagement and organizational success.

Social Media Marketing

People spend a major part of their day on social media sites. Therefore, social media can be used to engage with consumers/patients and improve health outcomes. A digital healthcare marketing strategy will include engaging in discussions, networking, promoting information about your services and preventing population health outcomes. A healthy social media page attracts more consumers/patients because patients trust healthcare facilities with online presence. Thus, having a good online reputation will only benefit you.

Search Engine Marketing

The need of consumers extensive use of search engines to find facilities or inquire about health issues. As a result, consumers research on their mobiles/computers and schedule appointments.

Healthcare marketers can use relevant keywords in the content, writing informative page descriptions, and creating strategic HTML titles, among other techniques to help search engines recognize and rank their page on top when relevant customers search for facilities or health topic.

Mobile Marketing
As mentioned above, a considerable amount of people use their mobile devices to search for information on the web. These people are not just looking for information, but expect a good user experience. Using features to make user experience easier is beneficial, like, click to call, click to download, easy navigation, mobile ads, in app ads, etc.

Inbound Content with CRM
Inbound marketing helps with providing the right content to the right consumers. When healthcare marketers use Healthcare CRMs ( HCRMs) they gain insightful data about consumers/patients from various sources and receive higher consumer retention and make better strategies from future campaigns. It is also a great way to use targeted outreach that reaches consumers/ patients on the right channels.

HCRM helps marketers to deliver highly engaging content to consumers. It also helps healthcare systems to find consumers/patients and keep them loyal for a long period of time. Healthcare marketers can also HCRM across multiple channels like, emails, social media, SMS, etc and track the traffic under a single dashboard.

Track ROI for marketing campaigns
Digital marketing and social media marketing is ever evolving, so tracking your results is not only crucial for your business/clients reference but for creating better marketing strategies. This is important, as you can know what is working?, what is generating leads? What content do your consumers like? etc.

Gather data from campaigns, posts on every social media site/app, website, etc you have to see the leads and traffic you are generating. Now, you can use this data to create better campaigns to gain better results.


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