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India’s youth prefers going online to search and compare products to make informed purchase decisions. Visiting a brick and mortar store comes much later in the purchase journey or may never come at all, thanks to the convenience offered by online service providers and sellers. Digital marketing for education is becoming a promising avenue due to the increase of web and digital media in the education sector. Education companies need to modernize their offering by keeping digital media as the central axis of communication while reaching out to students or parents.

Our Education Digital Marketing Services

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Search Engine Optimization

We drive organic traffic growth, leads and revenue for Education & Training organizations. Our Search Engine Optimization offering for Education companies focuses on generating content for relevant keywords and brand building via third-party aggregation platforms.

App Indexing Mobile SEO

Pay Per Click Marketing

We specialize in defining and managing campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook for Education companies. Whether it’s targeting students with laser focused campaigns on Facebook or generating leads via smart Google Adwords strategies, we have you covered.

Social Media Marketing

The target audience for Educational companies is definitely Social Media friendly. Students like to consume content on mobile devices across social media apps. We understand the need to provide educational, researched and curated information via multiple platforms. We have been successful in marketing education brands on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Content Marketing

For Educational companies, creating content has never been challenge. The challenge lies in adapting it to various content types like Infographics, Videos, eBooks and more. Our team of copywriters will help you build content that shows results.

Mobile Website SEO

Website Design & Development

We understand the nuances of lead generation and designing websites to drive incremental revenue growth for Educational businesses. Our unique measurement & KPI driven approach to web design and development will drive accountable performance for your business.


We understand marketing & sales funnels and devise strategies to measure performance across the funnel. Our analytics offering for Educational companies include marketing channel analytics, conversion optimization, and building intuitive dashboards that provide a single view of your marketing data.


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