S1E15 – How does the LinkedIn algorithm work and how you can optimize your posts


The main LinkedIn feed is based on an algorithm, not on recency. Much like Facebook and Instagram, the LinkedIn algorithm prioritizes content you’re most likely to find relevant and engage with over the most recent content. This means that means the way to stand out in the feed is not by posting 20 times a day.

However, it also means that just posting is not enough. In order to consistently make it into people’s feeds, you need to be regularly putting out good content that your followers reliably engage with.

There are also a lot more unknown factors affecting your visibility in the main feed.  There are 4 filters we know which LinkedIn applies to our posts:

Filter #1: The first step in the flow is pretty simple: every time you post something, the LinkedIn feed algorithm determines whether it’s spam, low quality, or good to go. Obviously, you want to be in the “good to go” category.

Filter #2: If you passed go, your content appears in the feed temporarily. It is extremely worthwhile to optimize your initial post time based on your analytics or these best times to post since it will appear as long as it’s not spam.

During this stage, LinkedIn’s algorithm bots look at how your audience engages with the content. If they’re liking it, commenting on it, or sharing it, that’s a good sign you’ll make it through to the next filter.If people mark it as spam or hide it from their feed, LinkedIn is going to take that into account—and not in a good way.

Filter #3: At this step, the LinkedIn algorithm will look beyond the content of your post to determine if it should keep showing up in users’ feeds.

They’ll look at you and your network to determine whether or not this is a spam post and whether your network will enjoy it. This is because LinkedIn wants to avoid rewarding spam accounts and content with viral visibility. Based on this stage, LinkedIn can remove your content from the feed or display it less often.  In either scenario, it’s up to your network to engage with your post and keep it around for another review.

Again, this is why the initial timing of your post is important for engagement.

Filter #4 Finally, humans enter the process. At this point, editors review your post to determine whether it should keep showing, whether they might include it somewhere else like a channel, or whether they can derive any takeaways from it for future algorithm tweaks and product development. They want to know: why, exactly, is your post performing so well?

Follow these three tips to optimize your posts around the LinkedIn algorithm in 2019:

1. Optimize your posts: Your voice may have to be a bit more professional. Keep your posts short. Mix up your content with tips, opinions, videos, images, quotes, and links to other content. Add hashtags to your post. Post at the right time. This is especially important to make it past the second filter.

2. Work LinkedIn’s bias to your advantage: Start by creating the kind of content LinkedIn already has a bias towards. In addition to your post providing generally interesting content that’s relevant to your audience and your brand, LinkedIn also recommends that your content be of particular value to someone’s career, such as tips for their professional growth. Try to write long-form content for LinkedIn Pulse. LinkedIn introduced native video functionality last year, so use it to create and post videos instead of uploading them from elsewhere.

3. Grow your network: LinkedIn wants you to post professionally inspiring or helpful content because that’s why people are on LinkedIn in the first place—to get a job, to get a better job, or to grow their professional networks.



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