Improve SEO with Slideshare

How to Improve your SEO with Slideshare


Ever thought that you could use Slideshare to improve your SEO? No? Here is a complete guide to improving your SEO with Slideshare!

What is Slideshare ?

SlideShare is a slide hosting platform, acquired by LinkedIn in 2012. User’s on Slideshare can upload files privately or publicly accordingly.

Slideshare is one of the most popular service which drives higher results & traffic. Some business owners are receiving double the traffic on Slideshare as compared to most of the popular presentation sharing sites.

Slideshare For Seo Back linking

Slideshare can be used for many purposes, including:

How to rank higher on Slideshare and improve your SEO game?

1. Make a Stunning & Quality Slideshare Presentation

If your presentations aren’t good enough, don’t expect wonder’s to happen. Your presentation has to grab the attention of the people. You need to come up with great ideas and convert them to slides that represent your story & business too.

While preparing your presentation, you might want to make it a bit more sensational by exaggeration. This is an incorrect approach and it can turn against you. Your presentations need to be honest and true. Don’t exaggerate because this will only make users distrust you.

Also high quality content will make a difference between good results & great results.

So here are the rules to make a stunning presentation :

  • Your message: If you’re considering to convey a strong message, consider one of this two factor – Show something shocking or Explain useful information
  • Use vivid colors: It is best to include a consistent & awesome colors to the slide. Choose two or three colors to be constant throughout the slide. A tip to make your presentation awesome is by using color from the main image or logo in the presentation.
  • Keep It Simple: Simple works best on SlideShare. The things to keep in mind is that the average SlideShare presentation is 14 slides and fewer than 25 words per slide. Don’t over do things as the audience may tend to get bored.
  • Back linking from slides: While creating slides, you have the opportunity to link back from these slides to relevant sections on your website. Although, there is no direct correlation between back links earned from Slideshare and growth in Organic traffic, this technique is worth considering to improve your SEO using Slideshare.

How To Make A Stunning Presentation For Slideshare - SEO

2. Write an Interesting Title

It is said that the overall quality of your presentation is important but if the title is boring and outdated, users won’t even bother to open the link. This is why you need to write meaningful, eye catchy, informative & stand-out titles, that will make the user to click on the link instead of go away. The title needs to have keywords, to get maximum SEO benefits.  Try to avoid over-stuffing of keywords as it may not rank your presentation.

3. Choose Long Tail Keywords

Using long tail keyword will you utilize slideshare better by increasing your reach and giving customers information that answer specific questions they have. Therefore, use exact long tail keywords relevant to the presentation.

4. Include URL of your website in the Slideshare Presentation

Slideshare allows user to include URL of your site in the presentation. Grab this opportunity to make the most of it! You can include the URL at the end of the presentation, so if the user wants more information, they can get it from your presentation by just a click.

Website URL in Slideshare presentation


5. Include Tags

Slideshare tags may not play a major role for search engines but they are an important aspect on slideshare, as the tags can improve the searchability by quite a good margin. The main purpose of tags is to make it easier for people to discover the presentation when an internal search function is use.

Slideshare allows users to use up to 20 tags. The main aspect while using a tag, is to keep in mind the subject & the topic of presentation(i.e. The tags should be used based on the topic).

Guide For Using Tags In Slideshare Presentation

6. Share It Everywhere

If you’re at an initial stage on SlideShare, a great way to drive traffic to your presentation is to direct it from other social channels.

LinkedIn is a safe & best site to share your presentation, since the content you’re likely to be sharing will be detailed and such information will go directly with professionals.

Other social platforms where you can share your presentation are Facebook and Twitter . Note Facebook and twitter might not perform as well as on LinkedIn, but all traffic is good traffic.


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