S1E24 – The ideal SEO URL structure for e-commerce websites


eCommerce websites have a lot of pages. Look at Amazon or Flipkart, you will see that they sell products under hundreds of categories and 1000’s of sub-categories. For example Electronics is a category and Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Fans are sub-categories.

Having a well defined URL structure allows Google and other Search Engine bots to crawl your website more efficiently.

For an ecommerce website, you have 3 types of pages – Homepage, Category & Sub-category pages and product pages. If you have your website in Shopify, category pages are called collections. So whats the ideal URL structure for an eCommerce website:

A) Well defined hierarchy for your pages
0. Homepage: domain name
1. Category page: /category
2. Product page: /category/product-name
Everything related to make up is under /category

B) Use Keywords in the URL: Since the product pages will have the product name in the URL, ideally the place to use keywords in the URL would be for category & sub-category pages

C) Canonical tags to multiple URLs.
eCommerce platforms such as Shopify have 2 URLs to access the same product page. i.e.
In this case, you need to make sure that there is a canonical tag placed from one page to the original page (products page), so that Google does not treat these URLs as duplicate pages.



Mandar Marathe

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