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Influencer Marketing has been quite the buzzword now. Not acquainted with it still; don’t worry you’re not the only one. It’s time to brush up Marketing knowledge and keep up with the marketing lingo. Influencer Marketing can be seen as a fusion of celebrity endorsement and content driven campaigns. Unlike celebrity endorsement, Influencer marketing is cost effective as it is less expensive and helps reach the right audience because of its niche nature. Influencer Marketing refers to brands collaborating with influencers to promote and market their brands.


But now the question arises, who is an Influencer? An influencer is often seen as an expert in certain fields. An influencer is a content creator with niche audience in the field of one’s expertise. These influencers have loyal and committed group of followers on social media. Influencers over time have been seen to have an impact on purchasing behaviour of the consumer.

Our Influencer Marketing Process

Influencer Marketing is still a grey area for many brands. We at Briefkase are happy to help with brands and influencer affiliation. Carrying out the influencer marketing campaign for your brand can be daunting. Here are steps adopted at Briefkase to attain the best results.

Set Goals and Strategy

Set Goals and Strategy


The very first step is to set and define the goal for the campaign. It is important to establish what we want to achieve. The Goal or objective of the campaign could be to increase the brand awareness or to increase the website traffic or to drive sales. A campaign can accomplish more than one of these objectives. An appropriate strategy needs to be outlined based on the set objectives.

Identify and Analyse Influencers

Identify and Analyse Influencers


Once the first step is achieved, next step is to identify potential influencers. Influencers can be identified through google, influencer networks, research database. With the ease of artificially increasing the number of followers on social media, it is important to not just evaluate the reach of the influencer. It is important to evaluate other factors and this can be done by asking the right questions.

Approaching influencer and negotiating terms

Approaching influencer and negotiating terms


While approaching the influencers, it is essential to point out the benefits for the influencer. The influencer needs to be presented with the goal and strategy of the campaign, the campaign’s timeframe, the brand’s values. If the influencer is interested in collaborating provide them with more detailed information. While negotiating terms with influencers, it is vital to outline the brand’s expectations clearly. The pricing of the service comes into picture at this point. Some influencers may settle for a barter. Setting up a contract with the influencer mentioning the nitty gritty of the campaigns is essential.

Campaign Execution and Review Outcome

Campaign Execution and Review Outcome


It is crucial to ensure that the influencer is updated at every stage of the campaign execution. The influencers must be aided with all necessary information and brands should be open to influencer requests and suggestions. At the end of the campaign, the outcome is to be reviewed. The engagement, the mentions and tags, the earned media value needs to be examined keeping in mind the goals of the campaign.

Case Studies

Tattva Spa


Tattva Spa aims to promote health and wellness as a way of life. The brand has steadily grown to become India’s largest chain of spas with over 55 spas across city and resort locations. Tattva Spa collaborated with influencers on the event of Valentine’s Day. This barter collaboration offered the influencers couple spas in return for promoting their luxurious spa and salon services.

4 image post and more than 2 stories were delivered by each influencer. 4 blogs were published by influencers. A total of 34,615 likes were obtained. 283 comments have been achieved



QuaQua is a digital experience platform that integrates 360-degree virtual reality content for the global travel and tourism industry. QuaQua did a paid collaboration with influencers sending each one a PR Hamper. The influencers reviewed the hamper unboxing it on their stories. They also did posts with QuaQua merchandise on their social media handles.

Post with QuaQua merch, stories unboxing the hamper resulted in 813 comments. A total of 36,067 likes were obtained.



PureSense offers daily personal moments of relaxation through bath and body product formats which are safe, pure, and genuine. PureSense partnered with Influencer to create a positive image. The concept of this barter collaboration was to showcase the recycling of the packaging and using it. Influencers through DIY videos and images demonstrated the environment friendly way to recycle the brand’s product package.

Each Influencer delivered one post on their feed and two stories. 10846 likes and views were obtained in total. On a whole 80 comments were posted in all.


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