Interview with Nistha Tripathi, Author of No Shortcuts – S1E54


Nistha is the bestselling author of No Shortcuts which is a great read on Indian startups. A few people know that she runs her own career consulting venture called Scholar Strategy and its been six years now. She is a top writer on Quora and uses social media extensively to get her voice out. Today, we are going to talk to her about personal branding, social media marketing and how she uses Quora to market her career consulting venture.

Here are some of the questions Nistha answered on the podcast:
1. From dropping out of NYU to work at a startup in New York and coming back to India, tell us a bit about your journey

2. Lets talk about your books – How do you promote them online?

3. Lets talk about Scholar Strategy – How to you leverage Quora as a platform to promote your business?

4. Is personal branding important? How do you go about it?

5. Few personal Q’s
a. Any book recommendations – What are you reading lately?
b. Favorite travel destination for working remotely
c. How do you spend your time when not working?

6. Any advice for students / marketers on building a personal brand online?




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