Business Heads

We started BriefKase in October 2013

Purab co-founded BriefKase to work closely with startups and SME's. He is passionate about collaborating with young minds and helping them grow. Having worked cross platform prior to BriefKase, Purab has been able to lead Performance Marketing, Tech, SEO, and Creative. He also fuels his passion for photography at BriefKase!

Purab Mehta

Founder, Director

Mandar quit his job to start BriefKase. He likes to travel, enjoys landscape photography and is a regular at the gym. Mandar is a minimalist who prefers a vada pav and a pizza over a five star meal.

Mandar Marathe

Founder, Managing Partner

Performance & Creative Leadership

We drive growth & innovation.

When he is not laser focused on growing organic traffic and brand content, Hiren utilizes his time analyzing the Stock Market and various price action patterns.

Hiren Mistry

Director, SEO

A rapper by heart, Sameer is able to strategize brand campaigns and write content, across any industry.

Sameer Inamdar

Brand Strategy & Social Media

When Rohan is not busy learning a new language, he must be busy fixing bugs. A true tech enthusiast with a penchant for Manga and anything Japanese.

Rohan Sonawane

Director, Technology
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