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Our Ecommerce SEO Services will help you drive relevant traffic to your website. With Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and other large eCommerce companies dominating the online selling landscape, it is imperative that you find a way to compete with large players.

ecommerce seo services

Without a solid ecommerce SEO strategy at the helm, it would make you take on big players in a cluttered landscape. As a ecommerce SEO company, we have a team of experts who have prerequisite experience of working with small and mi-size ecommerce companies.

Why is eCommerce SEO different?

eCommerce SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that search engines like Google or Bing can easily identify which products you want to sell online. Let’s try to understand why eCommerce SEO is different from optimizing a corporate services website:

  • Adding new products: Most eCommerce sites add new products daily or weekly, thus creating new pages. These product pages need original content, customer reviews,product schema codes and basic SEO tags to be implemented. Hence, eCommerce SEO is more dynamic and ongoing.
  • Seasonality of products: Some products may be available in a given season. For example, products on a online fashion ecommerce site change basis of trends and seasons. It is important to discontinue products (temporarily make them unavailable) or bring them back when required. This requires special attention on creating 301 redirects or avoiding broken links.
  • Product updates: The features of your products might change. You might get customer reviews or the price of your product might change. This requires to dynamically update the product schema code used to describe your products. Hence, ecommerce SEO is code-driven and dynamic.

eCommerce SEO requires implementation expertise to reap rich dividends. Need SEO beyond eCommerce? Have a look at our SEO Agency Services

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Our SEO Team has an in-depth understanding of Ecommerce SEO best practices. Whether its defining writing code for updating your product schema or managing 301 redirects / 404 broken pages, we will help you define the optimal URL structure for your ecommerce website. We follow a simple three-step process for eCommerce SEO:

  1. Understand your eCommerce business: Perform an audit of your current website and work closely with your team to define an eCommerce SEO Strategy
  2. Implement SEO: Along with your technology or development team, we come up with an implementation plan. We also provide product content recommendations to get your product pages rank better.
  3. Dynamic Optimization: We work with your marketing & product teams to optimize content for your product pages.

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