Need a SEO Consultant? Work with BriefKase.

BriefKase SEO Consultants give your business a competitive edge in Organic Search Engine results. With our long history of getting websites ranked, we offer you experience, technical know-how and results. We look at your on-page or off-page optimization, content marketing strategy, and study your competition to create a customized SEO Consulting offering based around your specific needs and budget.

Our SEO Consulting Services include strategy development, content marketing recommendations, project management, and SEO Execution inclusive of on-page and link building.

What would our Search Engine Optimization Consultants undertake?

Search Engine Optimization is no longer about optimizing your website pages for a keyword, but its creating a cluster of pages for a theme (group) of keywords. Our SEO Consultants are up to date with latest algorithm updates and SEO knowledge. As SEO Experts, we undertake the following projects:

  • SEO Strategy: Our SEO Consultant would frame an overarching SEO Strategy that covers all aspects of SEO. Whether its on-page optimization, off-page optimization or Technical SEO, we have you covered.
  • Content Strategy: The effectiveness of your SEO campaigns depends a lot on your content marketing strategy. Via laser sharp keyword research and competitor analysis, we identify the gaps in your content strategy and recommend you the right mix of content that has the potential to rank better in Search Engine results or SERPS.
  • Project Management: Our SEO Consultants have an engineering education and come with deep technical understanding. Our consultants take complete ownership of projects and manage SEO end-to-end along with your technical, marketing or product teams.
  • SEO Execution: Whether its improving your website’s Page Speed times or creating schema codes for pages, our SEO Consultants would work hand in hand with our SEO Executives to make sure that we execute SEO projects flawlessly.

Our SEO Consulting offering starts at $999/month for Consultants based off-shore and working remotely as per your time zones.

Here is a list of all our SEO Company Services.

Why hire a SEO Consultant from BriefKase?


Our SEO Team has an in-depth understanding of SEO best practices. put forth by Industry leaders such as Google, Moz, HubSpot or Microsoft. Whether its creating a SEO Strategy or executing on-page & off-page SEO techniques, our SEO consultants have in-depth expertise.

  1. Experience: All our SEO Consultants come with a minimum 3 years of experience in SEO.
  2. Varied Industry: Our SEO Consultants have worked across multiple industries including Software, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Consumer Packaged Goods, eCommerce and more. After gaining deep understanding of your industry, we tailor our SEO Services to your business.
  3. Overcome Time Zone Differences: We work with your marketing & product teams as per your time zone. If required, our SEO Consultants are ready to work with you onsite.

Meet our Chief SEO Consultant, Mandar Marathe


Mandar comes with 9 years of experience in Digital Marketing and is the Chief SEO Consultant at BriefKase.

Get a list of his published articles or view his profile on LinkedIn.

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