Top digital marketing tactics for E-commerce – S1E62


If you are selling online, then obviously you will need to market your business online. What are some of the digital marketing tactics that you should be putting into practice?

1. Conversion Optimization: Do not focus on getting more traffic to your site, but focus on optimizing traffic for getting more sales / conversions. Use exit intent notifications, provide offers on exit, include call to actions in your blog and use a chat bot / chat agent to convert the visitors to your site to buyers.

2. SEO: An eCommerce website has homepage, category pages and product pages. You need to focus on optimizing your category and product pages. Make sure that you have 800-1000 words of content on the category pages. Search for mens shirts or kids clothes and visit the pages on Myntra. You will see that they have a lot of SEO content on their page towards the bottom. On the product pages, you need to include detailed product description and use schema – Product schema, AggregateRating schema. Also, have images that are optimized for search – use keywords in the image name and in the ALT tags. Also, it is important to have a proper URL structure for eCommerce sites – creates a proper hierarchy.

3. Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads work well for eCommerce businesses. Use funnel-based approach for Facebook Ads – .To generate brand awareness or get reach, you should use interest targeting on Facebook & Instagram. To target people at the middle of the funnel, you should run product catalog sales ads. Many ecommerce platforms have apps / connectors to connect the store to Facebook. For e.g. for Shopify, we can use an app that pulls products from the site to Facebook product catalog. For bottom of the funnel, you can use remarketing ads and target cart abandoners.

4. Email marketing: Email works well for eCommerce websites. You need to create multiple email workflows including running campaigns for targeting people who abandon their carts, a pre-arrival or post-purchase email workflow and a post-arrival email workflow to request for product feedback, reviews or social media sharing. You can provide an incentive to customers via email to get repeat purchases.



Mandar Marathe

Mandar Marathe brings 11 years of cross-functional, hands-on knowledge & expertise in digital marketing across Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics, Pay per click Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Web Design & Development (WordPress) & Content Marketing.

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