S1E23 – Why you need to use the LinkedIn lead gen form


LinkedIn is a B2B gold mine. It’s where most Fortune 500 decision-makers and executives like to spend their spare time. The best part? More often than not, they’re actually scrolling through actively looking for valuable content to read. There isn’t the same barrier you need to break down like on other social platforms like Facebook.

With LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, you can generate high-quality leads at scale. Lead Gen Forms come pre-filled with accurate LinkedIn profile data, letting members send you their professional info with just a couple of clicks.

You can also prove the ROI of your lead gen campaigns – Track your campaigns’ cost per lead, lead form fill rate, and the number of leads you’re getting from specific professional audience segments.

Furthermore, you can access and manage your leads with ease – Download your leads from Campaign Manager or integrate with your preferred marketing automation or CRM tool.

Here’s how LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms work:

  1. First, a LinkedIn member clicks on your Ad to download an eBook or may be signup for a Webinar. You can add a call-to-action to your Sponsored Content or InMail.
  2. Once that happens, they see a form that has been pre-filled with professional information from their LinkedIn profile including their name, email, contact number, job title, seniority and more.
    With just a single click on the form, a member can send you their information, creating a lead for your business.
  3. As soon as someone submits a form, they will see a custom Thank you page that connects them to your eBook, website or any other destination you specify.
  4. You can measure the impact of your lead gen campaigns using built-in reporting, measure your campaign cost per lead, lead form fill rate, and the specific audiences you’re converting into leads. As stated earlier, you can access your leads in Campaign Manager or your preferred third-party tools (CRM)



Mandar Marathe

Mandar Marathe brings 11 years of cross-functional, hands-on knowledge & expertise in digital marketing across Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics, Pay per click Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Web Design & Development (WordPress) & Content Marketing.

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