S1E20 – Why you should produce less content


There is already too much content out there. There are 1 Billion Blogs – 1 blog for every 7 people on earth. Its already a saturated market for textual content. If you are starting with a blog in a competitive industry (say digital marketing), then you are competing with the big boys and ranking higher on Google is going to be tough.

You could still produce video and audio content. Video content creation is on the rise, so soon you will see this type of content also being competitive. Audio content (like podcasts) have not yet caught fire in India. May be in the United States or UK, podcasts are listened too. So you can still focus on video and audio content as opposed to creating text based content.

Produce less content of high quality. It will give you better results as opposed to playing the volume game.



Mandar Marathe

Mandar Marathe brings 11 years of cross-functional, hands-on knowledge & expertise in digital marketing across Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics, Pay per click Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Web Design & Development (WordPress) & Content Marketing.

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